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Video Testimonial by Darren Koening
Hi My name is Darren Koenig with The Koening Group, a Prudential CA Realty in Yorba Linda. I was introduced to Ryan O’Kane at Arbor Financial Group mid-way through a transaction. We were actually working with another lender. That lender was unable to perform. He was kind enough to refer us to Ryan at Arbor. What Ryan did was Awesome! He took a process that normally takes a lender 30 days to do and he did it in half of the time. We had the pressure on us to close on time. Ryan was able to do that. It was a great experience for me and it was a great experience for my client.

What kinda separates Ryan and Arbor Financial group… They actually have a system in place, instead of me having to reach out and ask for information, get updates from the lender; they notify you at key points during the transaction. Which keeps you well informed and enables you to inform your clients with what’s going on and where you are in the process.

It was just a really good experience and I would definitely recommend working with Arbor to anybody.

Video Testimonial by Barbara Griffith
Hi, I am Barbara. I want to tell you about Arbor Financial Group. I’ve owned my home for approximately 12 years. During those 12 years, as we all know, the rates have gone up, the rates have gone down. So I financed and refinanced the house 5 times in 12 years. During that time, I always used a lender, you know… a large institution and I was in the process last year to refinance the house again.

I met Ryan at a business meeting, I asked Ryan what the rates were. Ryan came in a half percent lower and approximately $3,000.00 lower than my traditional bank. So I filed out an application, completed the application, sent it to Ryan. It was an easy streamline process.

I highly recommend Arbor Financial for a streamline process, customer service and very competitive rates.