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Mortgage Loan Calculators

Mortgage Payment Calculator

Are you interested in knowing what your monthly payment for mortgage is? Make use of this mortgage payment calculator to determine your mortgage loan payment. You can export an amortization schedule to a worksheet to see your periodic payment cycle. Mortgage Payment Calculator

Additional Mortgage Payment Calculator

How much do you save by paying more or making additional payments than your initial mortgage terms? Use our mortgage loan calculator to calculate how much you would save by paying more or making additional payments towards your mortgage balance than your mortgage term. Additional Mortgage Payment Calculator

Required Salary Calculator

Don't know what your annual salary should be if you want to buy a home? Our mortgage loan calculator can help you determine how much earnings you require to afford a house. Required Salary Calculator

Home Affordability Calculator

Want to know how much you can borrow to buy a home? Use our mortgage loan calculator to find out how large or small of a monthly mortgage payment you will need to make, and the maximum mortgage you can get to buy the home of your dreams. Home Affordability Calculator

Discount Points Home Loan Calculator

Use our mortgage loan calculator to find out if you should shell out discount points on your mortgage. Discount Points Home Loan Calculator

Refinance Loan Comparison Calculator

If you are planning to refinance your home loan or evaluate your existing home loan with a new refinance mortgage to find out your savings. Use our mortgage loan calculator to see if refinancing your mortgage will save you any money. Refinance Loan Comparison Calculator

Tax Deduction Calculator

Do you know you can save on taxes with your home loan? With the help of our mortgage loan calculator, you can calculate the amount of tax you can save yearly from your home mortgage. Tax Deduction Calculator

Bi-weekly Mortgage Calculator

Do you wish to know how much money and time you can save if you make bi-weekly payments? Learn the benefits of paying your home loan on a bi-weekly payment basis. Compare your existing home loan terms with a bi-weekly loan payment and see how much you can save. Bi-weekly Mortgage Calculatore

APR Mortgage Calculator

If you wish to find out your annual percentage rate, (APR) fill in the loan amount, interest rate, points, other expenses and the mortgage term. APR Mortgage Calculator

Interest Only Mortgage Payment Calculator

Know your monthly savings with interest only mortgage payments. See if interest only payment plan is more beneficial for you compared to an amortized mortgage payment. Interest Only Mortgage Payment Calculator

Adjustable Rate Mortgage Calculator

Detailed adjustable rate mortgage calculator with initial adjustment period and subsequent adjustment period calculation. Adjustable Mortgage Calculator

Mortgage Qualification Calculator

See how much of home mortgage you would qualify for based on your monthly income, mortgage loan terms and various down payment options with mortgage loan calculator. Mortgage Qualification Calculator

Home Mortgage Refinance Calculator

If you had to pay Federal and State Tax Fees, Points, and Closing Costs, would you consider refinancing your home mortgage? Make use of our Home Mortgage Refinance Calculator to know if refinancing your mortgage is a good option for you. Home Mortgage Refinance Calculator

Debt Consolidation Calculator

Enter your new home loan program mortgage information to find out if a debit consolidation home loan is right for you. Debt Consolidation Calculator

FHA Mortgage Calculator

This calculator will help you determine your FHA Funding Fees, Closing Costs and FHA Mortgage Payment. FHA Mortgage Calculator

Home Rent VS Buy Mortgage Calculator

If you are confused about buying a home or renting a home; comparing your current monthly mortgage payment with the monthly rent will not be enough to arrive at a decision. You will also have to consider interest rate, appreciation, property taxes, tax savings, and several other costs like closing costs, selling costs, etc. Utilize this calculator to find out what would be better for you. Home Rent VS Buy Mortgage Calculator

Mortgage interest rates on our website are provided by our partner Loan Sifter. Although Arbor Financial Group believes such rates to be accurate, the results are not warranted and rates may vary based on your specific loan terms. Contact one of our agents to get lock-in your mortgage interest rate today!
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Calculators are provided as loan scenario comparison tools, independent of actual mortgage loan terms. Such information contained herein is made available to you as a self-help tool for illustrative use only. Examples are hypothetical. Although Arbor Financial Group believes the calculations to be accurate, the results are not warranted. We cannot and do not guarantee the applicability or accuracy in regards to your individual circumstances. Contact one of our qualified agents for a professional personalized advice.

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