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What if a borrower commits a folly on a mortgage insurance? How to remove the mortgage insurance remains the primary question. Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) comes to the borrower's rescue here. PMI is a kind of insurance wherein the payment is a made by the borrower and in turn, it helps the receivers (lenders) to forward the money to buyers who can't afford or qualify for loans. more...

FHA Mortgage Calculator with Taxes and Insurance

The FHA (Federal Housing Administration) realizes the dream of buying a home in comparatively lesser time with its comprehensive and easy-to-understand mortgage calculator with taxes and insurance knowledge. People who are not in a position of buying a home benefit through this mortgage insurance scheme. The down payment amount asked by FHA is just 3.5% and if you think giving 20% down payment (as in the case of conventional mortgage) is difficult for you, FHA mortgage insurance is there to guide you on how to remove mortgage insurance. more...

Mortgage Insurance Payment

Private Mortgage Insurance or Mortgage Insurance works in favor of the borrower at the time of default concerning house loans. PMI is usually carried out at places where the down payment comes under 20 percent. The payment is done by the owner of the property (home) which then is credited to the mortgage amount on monthly basis. more...

How to Remove Mortgage Insurance: Steps

Private Mortgage Insurance can be removed out of an individual's mortgage home loans if the monthly payments are made on time. In addition, these are supposed to match the requirements related to the down payments. The norms are applicable to all the mortgages that were ended on or before July 29, 1999. Commonly, there are two options that exist as a tool meant to remove PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance). These are: Cancellation & Removal. more...

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