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Mortgage and Real Estate Learning Center

Get all the information you need about frequently asked mortgage and real estate questions such as closing costs, home buying and selling tips and much more.

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Mortgage and Real Estate Knowledge Center

Fixed or Adjustable Mortgage Loan?

How can you make an instant selection between adjustable or fixed mortgage rate? As there are a number of merits and demerits associated with both type of mortgages, finding a good mortgage plan seems a bit tougher. At the same time, ARM or adjustable rate mortgages are initially based upon low prices. However, the cost can dwindle anytime. On the other hand fixed rate mortgages offer more security and as such prove to be costlier in comparison to ARM. It's better to visit a mortgage & real estate knowledge center before getting a deal on preferred mortgages. more...

Closing Costs

What Are My Closing Costs?

As soon as you get qualified for a mortgage loan, you are expected to deliver closing costs. The mortgage & real estate knowledge center gives you detailed information on the concept of 'closing costs'. Closing costs are the payments that are to be made to lenders et al. It is a type of additional payment which is made by the home buyer apart from down payments, principal money and interest rate. more...

Home Affordability

How much home can I afford?

Question of this type will surely receive multiple shades of responses. For initial home buyers, the affordability to buy a new home depends upon two factors: down payments and debts. Knowledge acquisition is therefore necessary. Other factors such as lifestyle mannerisms, an individual's usual expenditure on his/her budget consisting of travel, recreation and responsibilities like welcoming a new-born into the family. One has to go through the guidelines that have been issued by concerned agencies. more...

Mortgage Handbooks

Download Mortgage Handbooks

There are a number of handbooks that are issued by Arbor mortgage & real estate knowledge center. For instance:

  • - The Mortgage Encyclopedia: The Authoritative Guide to Mortgage Programs, Practices, Prices and Pitfalls; 2nd Edition by Jack Guttentag
  • - Mortgages For Dummies - 3rd Edition By Eric Tyson and Ray Brown
  • - Mortgage Rip offs & Money Savers: An Industry Insider Explains How to Save Thousands on Your Mortgage or Re-Finance by Carolyn Warren

Real Estate Handbooks

Recommended Handbooks for increasing Real Estate Knowledge

The real estate knowledge handbooks that are available at Arbors comprise:

  • - How I Turned $1,000 into Five Million in Real Estate in My Spare Time by William Nickerson
  • - The Unofficial Guide to Real Estate Investing By Spencer Strauss
  • - Investing in Duplexes, Triplexes, and Quads: The Fastest and Safest Way to Real Estate Wealth by Larry B. Loftis

Home Buying Tips

Mortgage Home Buying Tips & Advice

One of the finest learning as well as enjoyable experience is when you buy a new property - a new home especially. It is exciting but at the same time stressful too. As the buying money is huge so is the worry to get things in place. If you pay heed to some would intelligent tips, you would surely be able to cross the phase without wasting your money and energy. Knowledge about mortgage & real estate thus acts as a safety weapon. more...

Before Buying a Home Tips

What To Do Before Buying a New Home?

Are you about to take a mortgage plan? Make sure that you don't suffer any losses as it involves your saved money and is a large investment. So how can ascertain that you get the best deal? Simply go through the below mentioned tips and finally visit the real estate and mortgage knowledge center for action orientation. Stuff your brain with knowledge & wisdom. more...

Home Refinancing Tips

Mortgage Home Refinance Tips & Advice

There's always some advantages and disadvantages related to home refinancing. Good news is that rates never bother you. Well, the negative part is that there is a huge pressure on lenders since January, 2014 in the form of new regulations. According to the rules, borrowers will have to make a repayment for the loans taken. Now you must carefully read the following tips and visit a mortgage & real estate knowledge center before meeting a lender for home refinancing purpose. more...

Home Finding Tips

Mortgage Home Finding Tips & Advice

Only by acquiring mortgage knowledge you can be able to successfully get involved in home refinancing or buy a new home with much comfort. Arbor mortgage & real estate center gives you the best information (tips & advice) through different means of communication. Below listed are some points that can make you think and analyze about home mortgage.

  • - Lower mortgage insurance payment: Individuals, who can't afford to make a 20 percent down payment, get their mortgage insurance done which involves monthly installments and gives protection to the lender, in case there is default committed by the borrower.
  • - Getting a pre-approved mortgage is profiting in terms of buyer's preference and long lasting benefits.
  • - Lastly, altering your credit profile is not recommended at all when you are about to buy a new home as it could bring your credit score down which might lead to a raised fees or amount to disqualification.

Home Selling Tips

Mortgage Home Selling Tips & Advice

Still burdened by a mortgage when idea of putting your home on sale is just not leaving your mind altogether? The majority who wish to sell their current homes are bearing mortgages simultaneously. So, if you are one of them, just don't lose hope on having your dream property. Get knowledge. Just approach the mortgage & real estate center for required consultation and initiating the home buying process. more...

Mortgage and Real Estate FAQs

What are the frequent queries about Mortgage and Real Estate?

Many questions are asked from the agents at mortgage & real estate knowledge center on regular basis. These comprise:

  • - Which one should I go for - adjustable rate mortgage or fixed rate?
  • - Is up-to-date credit score necessary?
  • - How can I get pre-approved?
  • - Who requires down payments?
  • - Why is pre-paid interest paying necessary on my behalf?
  • - Does paying involve cash from the pocket?

Mortgage, Real Estate and Insurance Glossary

Mortgage, Real Estate & Insurance Glossary

Gain detailed information on mortgage, real estate and insurance terms at mortgage & real estate center before you sign any deal. more...

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