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Umbrella Liability Insurance

About Umbrella Liability Insurance Policy Coverage

If you require additional insurance, you can think about umbrella liability insurance coverage. This type of insurance policy offers you extra liability insurance coverage, a million or two, on top of your existing home and auto insurance coverage. In case, there’s a car accident, umbrella liability insurance will cover you so that you don't have to shell out money from your own pocket. more...

Property and Casualty Insurance Policy

Property and Casualty Insurance is a type of insurance that shields you against all types of property loss and legal liability. In case something happens to your home, car, or your office, this type of insurance will cover you. By chance, if you damage other person’s property, then also property and casualty insurance will protect you and you won’t have to pay hefty amounts as compensation for the damage caused. In order to protect your property from fire, weather and other factors, getting property and casualty insurance makes sense. more...

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