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Lost Wedding Ring Claims

Lost Wedding Ring and Jewelry Coverage Insurance Claim

There are few things more distressing than losing your wedding ring. You can't ever get that same ring that meant so much to you back, but you can replace it by making a claim on your property insurance/homeowners insurance. If you're wondering how to do that, we can help.

What to Do

If you lose your ring, you probably feel as though you're the only person this has ever happened to. Your heart is broken, and you know that you can never be compensated for the sentimental value that's attached to the ring that you got on your wedding day.

You know what, though? You're not the only one. You'd be amazed how many people lose their wedding and engagement rings. They end up calling property insurance companies in tears, and of course the company can't compensate in any way for the sentimental value that's attached to the ring. They can, however, provide you with a ring that's very much like the one you lost.

Making a Claim

Each property insurance company has its own procedure for making a claim for a lost ring. Most of the time you just have to make a phone call and then follow up with a property insurance or wedding ring insurance claim in writing, providing your policy number, your address, your phone number, and information about how and when the loss occurred.

You'll also have to tell the wedding ring insurance company when the loss happened, and give some details about the circumstances - where you were and what you were doing. Let your property insurance provider know, too, if you've taken any measures to try to find the ring. Jewelry insurance agents are not interrogating you, they just want to be sure that everything has been done to try to recover the ring before they determine that it's not recoverable and it is necessary to proceed for property insurance or jewelry insurance claim.

You'll also have to provide your wedding ring insurance agent with a valuation for the ring. Ideally, you'll have an appraisal or a sales receipt from the property insurance company.

Processing the Claim

Once the property insurance company has your jewelry insurance claim, they'll work on processing it. They'll provide a property insurance claim worksheet to the jeweler you're working with who will be replacing the ring. Once the jeweler has the paperwork, you can choose a replacement ring.

Most people prefer to have the ring replaced instead of taking the cash replacement value, and in fact, it's better if you go that route. The property insurance company is more likely to process your jewelry insurance claim without question. They know that if you want the ring, and not the money, you're not making a fraudulent wedding ring insurance claim.

There you go. Now you know what you have to do to get your ring replaced.