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Pros And Cons Of Buying Homeowners Insurance Online

Why Online Homeowners Insurance Quotes?

It's easy, getting a homeowners insurance quote online. Often, in our busy lives, we simply don't have the time to go see an insurance agent and talk face-to-face about our needs, or to spend time on the phone while that agent shuffles through papers, pulls up information on his or her computer, or worse, puts us on hold to take another call. However, before you go with a quote that you've obtained online, you should take time to evaluate the pros and cons of buying homeowners insurance online in order to be sure that you're making the right decision.

The Pros of Getting an Insurance Quote Online

There are huge advantages to getting a homeowners insurance quote online.

  • 1. It's Convenient

    You can do it anytime, anywhere. On your lunch break, from your smartphone while you're on the bus, in the middle of the night. You can get homeowners insurance quote online in seconds, and then take all the time you need to evaluate them.

  • 2. There's No Pressure

    Often, when you're talking face-to-face with an insurance agent, you feel, rightly or wrongly, as though you should buy what they're offering because you're taking up their time. Agents know this, and more than a few people have bought homeowners insurance out of little more than a misguided need to be polite.

  • 3. Your Information is Protected

    When you get a homeowners insurance quote online, you know that your information isn't going to be handled by a number of different people. A lot of the time, people are concerned about things like identity theft when they give information online, but the reality is that you're far safer than if you leave an insurance application on someone's desk where anyone and everyone could conceivably pick it up. Almost every website in existence now makes use of full encryption, so as soon as your information is gathered and delivered to the people you want to have it, the trail is destroyed.

The Cons of Getting an Insurance Quote Online

There's really only one con. When you get a homeowners insurance quote online, you don't have the advantage of speaking with an actual human being. That means that if you have special concerns, you might not get an accurate quote. For instance, if you have large dogs that are deemed by some insurers to be dangerous, you may not be able to have that included in your quote, or to be able to arrange for a home visit or provide veterinary certification as to our animal's temperament that might reduce your premiums.

Generally speaking, though, assuming that you meet the requirements set out by your state, and you have typical homeowner insurance requirements, you will get an accurate quote, safely provided, by using an online insurance quoting mechanism.