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Full Coverage Auto Insurance Quotes

About full coverage auto insurance quotes and policies

Your car is so much a part of your life - you depend on it to get you where you need to go, whether it's work, the mall, to your Mom's house, or to your kid's baseball practice. In order for your life to work smoothly, your car has to perform for you as well. So, what happens if your car lets you down?

You can insure yourself against most mishaps that involve your car, and it really doesn't cost all that much. Shop for auto insurance quotes online.

What is Full Coverage Auto Insurance?

Honestly? There's no such thing. No car insurance policy is going to indemnify you against every single problem. Generally speaking, full coverage auto insurance means that you're protected from both liability and physical damage. This means that you're carrying both collision insurance and comprehensive insurance, and also liability insurance.

Liability insurance is determined mainly by the state in which you live. Your state will require you to buy a minimum amount of car insurance that will cover you if someone is hurt in an accident in which you're at fault. Usually, this means that you have to carry at least $25,000 per person, and at least $50,000 per accident in order to fulfill your legal requirements.

Other Auto Insurance Coverage

In addition to liability insurance, full coverage auto insurance means that you're also carrying insurance that indemnifies you against collisions with other vehicles or objects, and damage to your car from other causes. If you think that you're going to be driving your car for a while, you want it protected against damage like windshield cracks, fire, vandalism and theft. That's comprehensive insurance. If your vehicle is old, and you think you can replace it without incurring a whole lot of expense, you might choose to forego comprehensive insurance, or just to carry it for a few years until the value of your vehicle drops to the point where the cost of insurance outweighs your out of pocket costs if you have to replace it.

Get More For Less

If you're shopping for full coverage auto insurance, you should consider ways that you might be able to save on the cost of your policy. As an example, if you're a student, you might qualify for a discount. Or, you could combine your car insurance with other drivers and save a lot of money that way. You could also select a higher deductible, and simply not file claims for minor damage like scratches.

Often, getting a lower rate for car insurance simply means thinking about what you want to be covered for, and what kinds of losses you're willing to absorb. And of course, shop around; look for full coverage auto insurance quotes online. Buy as much coverage as you can reasonably afford, but don't feel that you necessarily need to go overboard. Get several full coverage auto insurance quotes online, and then make your decision accordingly. Start by getting in touch with one of our licensed agents today!